Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Aims for 50% Reduction in Road Accidents by 2030

Expressing deep concern over the alarming rise in the number of road accidents, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, conveyed the government's unwavering commitment to halve the

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Massive Pile-Up Near Victoria Claims One Life, Leaves Many Injured: Western Thruway Closed | ballarat road accident

Following collisions involving over twenty vehicles in nearby Victoria, one character is battling for his life and nineteen others were transported to hospitals around Melbourne. Because of the pile-up, the

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Tragic accident takes life of young woman in Sparkbrook: BMW collides on Highgate Street | highgate road birmingham Accident

A Sparkbrook crash has claimed the life of a twentysomething girl. A accident involving a black BMW and a cab was reported to West Midlands Police on Highgate Street just

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Accident Finistere: Tragic attacks in Crozon, Finistère: Fatal collision takes three lives

Accident Finistere: A terrible catastrophe happened in Crozon, Finistère, this Sunday morning. At 7:30 a.m., a vehicle on a departmental road near Kergoff-Porsalut collided with an arbor. The department of

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Clarke Road Accident | Tragic death in West Bay of Plenty single-vehicle collision

A single guy or woman is worthless after a collision in the Western Bay of Plenty. Following an unmarried vehicle incident this morning on Clarke Avenue in Te Puna, police

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A hit-and-run driver in Carefree kills a motorcycle rider | motorcycle accident cave creek road

CAREFREE, Arizona (CBS 5/3/TV) - Following an accident at a Carefree junction a motorcycle is rendered worthless, and authorities are trying to locate the concerned driver of the other vehicle.

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Early on Sunday morning, a wrong-way collision in Wheeling claimed one life | accident on palatine road today

Early on Sunday morning, authorities in Wheeling reported a fatal head-on collision caused by a suspected drunk motorist who was traveling the incorrect way on a busy road. According to

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After an accident in a rural area of New South Wales, singer Shannon Noll attempts to save the eighteen-year-old woman | shannon noll car accident

Following his frantic attempt to save a young adolescent when a car struck a tree and lodged in a fireplace in a rural area of New South Wales, singer Shannon

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